Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival is a world’s unique event where sea, sun and salsa mix to create a dream holiday! A 7-day event packed with daily activities including workshops by world renowned instructors, parties led by the best DJs, and astounding dance shows. All these happen in the historical beach town of Rovinj, which is surrounded by beautiful architecture and a magical vibe.

Feel the energy of an entire town transformed into a massive dance floor. Beaches, streets, hotels, old factories, islands - the whole town filled with thousands of people sharing their love for salsa, dancing their hearts off! You will also enjoy delicious and fresh local food with top Istrian wine while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Doesn’t this sound like paradise?

You can be part of the biggest Salsa Festival in Europe guided by Estilo Cubano! Why you should go to the Festival with us? Because we have years of experience organising dance trips to Cuba and this will be our third time participating in the CSSF. We will make sure you don’t have to worry about anything. We book your flights and transfers; we get you the best accommodation walking distance from where the parties and workshops take place, and we book your entries to all the activities. All you have to do is mark your calendar, sign up with us and enjoy!

Imagine, experience, be part of it!


  • Maykel Fonts & Sylvia Chapelli – The Master of Dance
  • Adrian & Anita – Mind-blowing Technique
  • Adolfo & Lorenita – The Master and Lady Elegance
  • Ernesto & Denisse – Dance Explosion
  • Nina & Zerjon – Twisted Feet
  • Antonio & Jasmina – Mambo with a Pinch of Afro-Cuban
  • Marco Ferrigno – Master of Interpretation
  • Super Mario – One Million Moves Man
  • Luis & Magda – LA Style Salsa Masters
  • Panagiotis & Myrto – Pure Mambo Spiked with Elegance

  • Fredy Clan – Cuban Showstopper
  • Alberto Valdes & Adria Panagi – Masters of Traditional Cuban Dances
  • Osmani Segura – Body Movement Expert
  • Yeni Molinet – Queen of Cuban Moves
  • Osbanis & Anneta – Fun + Methodology
  • Gaby & Estefy – Energy Cocktail
  • El Tiguere & Maria – Island Touch Magic
  • Marcio Junqueira – Semba State of Mind
  • Adolfo Indacochea and Latin Soul Dancers – Mambo Sensation
  • Ansima Production Ballet – Pure Dance Quality


  • DJ Willy – Master of Turntables
  • DJ Shems
  • DJ Julian Duke – Duke of Romantic Salsa
  • DJ CYCY – Lady of the Turntables
  • DJ Sezar – Diversity Guru
  • DJ Dmitri – Mambo Storm from the East
  • DJ Alanito – Croatian Sensation
  • DJ Javier – La Máquina de Cuba
  • DJ Rumbero – Peruvian Salsa Power
  • DJ Leo de Cuba – El Timbero de la Salsa Scene
  • DJ Latin Master – General of Sensual Tunes
  • DJ El Tiguere – Bachata Tiger
  • DJ Julian Mr M – Ritmo Latino Sound Machine
  • DJ Mister Francois – Mister Smooth


Latin Grammy award-winning Alexander Abreu is the bandleader and chief songwriter of the band, he is recognized as one of the greatest trumpet players of his generation. Havana D'Primera forms a full orchestra with 17 members in total, they have released four studio albums acclaimed for their fusion of rhythms across salsa, jazz, funk and Afro-Cuban. Thanks to Havana D'Primera, this is the first time Cuban music transcends the frontiers of genre since the world success of Buena Vista Social Club.

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