Team Building

Salsa dancing lowers the barriers between ages and cultures; it endlessly entertains and encourages team work from the beginning.

Estilo Cubano brings you SALSA as a great way to team build or energize your staff – concentrating on the ability to lead and be lead, to work as a team, dance as a team focusing on communication, trust and tolerance.

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If you are ready to be a part of this vibrant lifestyle contact what we like to call “A Cuban Expert in South Africa” – Monica Muñoz.

A beautifully ambitious Chilean-born lady, based in Johannesburg, she holds a beaming desire for Cuban dances and exudes this passion in her art-form – Creating artworks with her students and crafting them to become impeccably passionate and integrated with the music.

Cuban salsa dance classes in Johannesburg & Pretoria are held on a weekly basis and are available in various levels.

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