Salsa Fitness Classes

Salsa dancing is known for loads of spontaneous movements which tend to work a variety of body areas, including the legs, hips and even your arms.

Salsa can burn up to ten calories per minute but unlike running, does not negatively impact on your legs.

Salsa is a great way to improve your fitness level while having a great time.

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If you are ready to be a part of this vibrant lifestyle contact what we like to call “A Cuban Expert in South Africa” – Monica Muñoz.

A beautifully ambitious Chilean-born lady, based in Johannesburg, she holds a beaming desire for Cuban dances and exudes this passion in her art-form – Creating artworks with her students and crafting them to become impeccably passionate and integrated with the music.

Cuban salsa dance classes in Johannesburg & Pretoria are held on a weekly basis and are available in various levels.


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