Cuban Salsa is a form of ambience, energy and absolute flavour

Cuban-style salsa (known as Casino) is said to be the route of all Cuba. It is a dance form, characterized by Afro-Cuban-style body movement which includes body isolation and hip movement. Cuban salsa dancing is not just about the tantalizing circular motion, it is about feeling the music, the rhythm and letting your physique flow with it.

Properly known for its sultry and intriguing motion, Cuban salsa dancing is headed by the sturdy, dominating male dancer. Flexibility is key to making something quite complex look like a simplistic piece of work.

If you are ready to be a part of this vibrant lifestyle contact what we like to call “A Cuban Expert in South Africa” – Monica Muñoz.

A beautifully ambitious Chilean-born lady, based in Johannesburg, she holds a beaming desire for Cuban dances and exudes this passion in her art-form – Creating artworks with her students and crafting them to become impeccably passionate and integrated with the music.

Cuban salsa dance classes in Johannesburg & Pretoria are held on a weekly basis and are available in various levels.

Come on Casineros, start your first set of classically defined, passionate and energetic Cuban salsa dancing lessons in Johannesburg & Pretoria today.

¡Vamos a bailar! (Let’s Dance!)

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